Can a Dirty Air Filter Cause Air to Not Cool?

A dirty air filter can cause poor cold air flow in an AC system, leading to icing on coils or evaporator and eventually causing an AC unit to fail. Learn how to prevent these issues by replacing your AC filter regularly.

Can a Dirty Air Filter Cause Air to Not Cool?

A dirty air filter can cause a number of problems with your air conditioning system, including poor cold air flow, overheating, and even freezing. When the filter becomes clogged, it restricts the flow of cold air, causing it to build up inside the unit and lower the temperature. This can lead to icing on the coils or evaporator, reducing the HVAC system's ability to remove heat from the air and eventually causing the air conditioner to fail. Additionally, a dirty filter forces the air conditioner to work harder to keep the house cool, leading to more frequent repairs and a shorter life for the unit.

To prevent these issues, it's important to replace your AC filter regularly. If you have pets or use cleaning chemicals regularly, dander, cleaning particles, dust, and other debris can get trapped in the filter and then be released into the air. Advanced filters can last a little longer between cleanings and replacements, so check with the manufacturer for a recommended program. If you're already having problems with the cooling in your home due to a dirty air filter, you may need to contact a qualified ClimateCare HVAC professional.

Failure to replace the filter immediately can lead to additional breakage and serious maintenance issues. If an air conditioner's air filter is not replaced in time, system efficiency tends to decline and the air conditioner will need more energy to cool your home. Like replacing your car's engine oil and air filter every 3,000 miles, a clean HVAC air filter protects your heating system from being damaged and ultimately completely failing. Cleaning the filter regularly and changing it when it cannot be cleaned is essential to ensure a long and energy efficient service life.

Given the money you've already invested in your home, not to mention the priority you place on your health, not changing air filters regularly simply doesn't make sense. If you have pets or have a lot of chemicals in the house, indoor air quality will be even worse with a clogged filter. To clean the reusable air filter, you must remove it from the air conditioning unit safely and rinse it in a tub or sink with warm water.